Van Gogh: The Life

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Due to some unwelcome snow, my trip to Boston unfortunately was not worth risking the lives of myself and my loved ones. So instead of indulging you with loads of pictures this week, I will be sharing yet another new book with you all!

The book is titled Van Gogh: The Life and was written by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith who are also the authors of the Pulitzer Prize winning Jackson Pollock. The book is pictured above in the featured image and can be found on Amazon for roughly $20.00 in paperback edition. I found this beauty at The Met for $25 back in November (and yes, I’m tragically just starting it now).

After an introduction, prologue, and a brief history about Van Gogh’s family and travels, the book is split into 3 parts.

Part One: The Early Years, 1853-1880

Part one features 13 chapters that are supposed to cover everything from birth to his childhood to his failed career paths and finally bring you up to speed to where Vincent begins to indulge in an artist’s lifestyle.

Part Two: The Dutch Years, 1880-1886

Part two is an additional 13 chapters that chronicles Vincent’s life in you guessed it, the Netherlands.

Part Three: The French Years, 1886-1890

Part three is 17 chapters that explore his travels and ventures as he continues to find himself emotionally, mentally, and artistically. This follows Vincent all the way to the end of his career as well as his life.

The book is quite large in size, but is to be expected when you begin to look at the incredible depth of the book. It also features many beautiful illustrations and photographs such as those that I have attached to this post.



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