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My 5th Week Junior year at Marywood is in the bag. Never a dull moment at school, there is something always going on. Earlier in the summer I was asked to be a part of the Marywood Print Guild. The Print Guild is an annual gallery exhibition and exchange of work from the professors and select students. Each artist had to make twenty-six limited editions of their work. There were a lot of impressive images in the show. The work was made up mostly of dry point, photos, and other kinds of prints.

The Print Guild started in 2003 and is overseen by Peter Hoffer, who teaches all the printmaking classes at Marywood. If you get a chance to take one of his courses, I highly recommend it! The 2015 Print Guild show is now on view in the Kresge gallery located in the main lobby of the Insalaco Studio Art Center. Well you should stop by and see the work. Sam, Niko, Lori, and Pete Nardone (my photography professors) have photographs up, and mine is up too. I did some work with Infrared Photography over the summer and thought that would be different to use. My piece was a digital scan of infrared film. I wanted to actually make photographs in the darkroom, but getting 26 done in before the deadline would have driven me crazy.

Also as most of you know we had a bomb threat last week. Sometimes people are just an @$$. Well at least I used the time productively, I finished my paper and presentation for History of Photography II.

In my Advertising Photography class we are learning more about lighting our subjects, so here are a few of the test shots. WARNING some of the photos, the subject matter is not the most interesting, it is about lighting the subject. But I did get a little creative on creating a background or removing it just from using different light. It was very hard to get the reflection just right.


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