Universe in a Can Pt2

If you read my post last week, then you are probably eagerly awaiting the results of my divergence into the art of spray paint.

First things first, I had to create and gather some interesting stencils to make my piece pop. After digging through scrap wood in the wood shop, I managed to find a few quality pieces. Then I cut them up into cloud-like shapes using the scroll saw. I grabbed a trashcan lid and a few plates as well to serve as the planets in my landscape.


Then I put a base coat of dark blue paint on the canvas to emulate the appearance of a night sky.

blue canvasFinally I went to work trying to create a galaxy landscape. After aligning my stencils and mapping out my canvas I began to spraypaint using a purple, sea foam green, and pink as my color scheme. I figured the contrast between the dark purple and the brighter colors would give me the neon effect I was after.

finished landscapeOverall I’m happy with how this piece turned out the cloud shapes did a good job of breaking up the space. My only gripe is the limited palette I gave myself. In the future I plan on experimenting with this technique further, particularly with a larger variety of colors. I feel I can make something much more impactful that way.

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