Paper Lucky Stars

This week I wanted to do a little how to on making lucky stars. They’re a lot of fun for putting in jars as gifts or writing a quick message to a friend. All you will need is some paper and a pair of scissors. The paper can be as fancy as you want but I would suggest something thin because it is easier to fold.

Step 1: cut and knot

First you’re going to cut an even strip of paper, the longer the better. Then you want to pretend like the paper is a piece of string that you want to tie into a knot. Don’t pull the paper to make a knot though it will rip, instead carefully make the knot tighter until you can fold the edges to make a pentagon.


Step 2: cut and wrap

Cut the short extra paper and fold the longer piece of paper back behind the pentagon. You have the option now to write a message on the inside of the paper. Otherwise, just continue wrapping the paper around the pentagon. Make sure to make the corners sharp by folding them over the sides as you go.


step 3: tuck and pinch

After you’ve wrapped the piece of paper around a couple of times, cut the extra off, but leave a little left over to tuck in. Don’t over wrap your pentagon because it will be hard to pinch the sides in later on. Now take your finger nail and push in the sides of the pentagon. It should start to pop up and become a star.



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