Light in Color

First thing I have to say is Thanks Marywood! Paris was such an amazing experience. My search for light there took me on many photographic adventures. From some of the historic sites to all the different museums, I was surrounded by all different kinds of light to fill my camera. Do you notice something different about my photographs this week? Well first off they are not black and white. I have about 12 more rolls of film to develop before I can begin to think about making prints. So I had to use my DSLR and do digital (black magic) photographs. What else do you notice? I don’t do too many touristy photographs. I like to take ordinary things and search for the light in them and try to make them other than ordinary. But I did get some great tourist photos: the Eiffel Tower, Versailles, the Louvre, and yes, Jim Morrison’s grave.

The art in Paris was amazing. If you are thinking of taking art courses, do it, then go on these class trips. You will gain a better appreciation for things. Professors Dr. Brangers, and Beth Tyrell taught us the History of Art while professors Mark Webber, Ryan Ward, and Lori Ann Brunnetti helped us understand what we were looking at.

Next time I will get back to my passion for black and white photography, but until then enjoy some of my color pictures. Oh, and any feedback you have will appreciated (unless i don’t like it).

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