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7 weeks into the school year done

One of the great thing about being a photography (Art) major at Marywood is that you do not get a lot of mid-term tests! Yay! But on the other side there are always a few art projects and papers that are due. Papers drain me, they weigh heavy on me, but once I get started they tend to write themselves. The Writing Center at Marywood is really helpful, but I think they lock their doors when they see my terrible grammar come walking down the hall.

This week’s progress

Color Photography: Window/Mirror critique, are you a window or are you a mirror project. Critique days are always interesting. I love to hear about the vision that some of my classmates have when approaching their photographs. During the critique you are not allowed to just say, “I like that photograph,” you always have to have a reason. I always seem to get a few ideas out of critiques. Here are a few of the Photographs from it.

Advertising Photography: We finished up our Reflection project and worked on our new project with glass. We had to create black lines and white lines with light. Sounds simple but practical application is tricky, especially if you want more than just one part of the glass lit up. I should have taken a picture of the whole setup; I had lights and fill cards all over the place.

Zeta Omicron, Kappa Pi: My art honor society held our annual art gallery night. These are always fun because I get to see what my fellow classmates chose to showcase. The artwork is still up in the Kresge Gallery in the lobby of the Insalaco Center for Studio art, and you should come see some of the beautiful pieces. We have some serious talent at Marywood. The show runs through Oct 22, 2015.

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