Making Progress Part: 2 

In my last post I talked about the project I had been working on in my Jewelry I class. I finally finished it and it’s ready to be presented. I had a few issues at first with how I wanted the piece to be laid out. After that was figured out I had to make several links and put them together to make the chain. The chain does not have a set pattern to it but is put together in a way that will make the stars lay at different levels.

I wanted to give this piece a steampunk look to it. The metal almost has an aged look to it which I just love. Unfortunately the links for the chain are not copper but I think the gold color is a nice accent to the darkened copper metal. Cutting and assembling the links took a while but when I finally finished it, it turned out better than I had hoped. I’m really excited about this finished piece and I can’t wait until my next jewelry project.

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