Light Speed Engage!

Europe Rant

Well the only rant about Europe is that I am no longer there. Things are so much faster here in the states. Everything is moving at light speed. I miss the laid back, slowed down life style I had in Italy. I popped in to surprise some of my friends during our monthly club meeting for Zeta Omicron. Was good to see friendly faces again. Everyone asked about my adventures. A couple students had been there before and we had a great time talking about some of the teachers and things to do around Florence. I think as an art major, everyone should experience Florence. When I look back and think about all the Museums and artwork I have seen in person instead of just studying it in a book, it makes me more appreciative of it. A big thank you to Marywood for assisting me in this adventure. I do feel left out because all my Marywood friends are starting to freak out about finals and projects that are due. Good luck with

Here are a few photographs I had taken

Weekly quote~

“In a strict sense photography can never be abstract, for the camera is incapable of synthetic integration.” ~ Ansel Adams

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