Wallpaper Winners

Hello May! I am so happy to share some awesome news with you guys! Three of my classmates/friends in my Interactive Design II class won a desktop wallpaper competition this week! For our final project, we had the chance to express ourselves by making a desktop wallpaper that we then submitted to Smashing Magazine.

Smashing Magazine is a great resource for web designers! It has great articles, books, e-books, and conference information to keep web designers up with the latest info. Not only do they have great information, the website is also really enjoyable, it creates a really friendly community for web designers. Each month Smashing Magazine does their desktop wallpaper competition. It is a great opportunity for designers to put some free work out to get exposure.

My awesome peers: Rachel Hines, Brian Kasperowski, and Kelsey Van Horn each got chosen to be featured for the month of May. You can download their wallpapers and learn more about smashing magazine HERE. They also spent a lot of time making all of the different screen sizes and resolutions so when you download you have plenty of choices for a nice crisp image.

Smashing Magazine gets entries from around the world! So not only does that mean our designers are top notch, it also means that you too have a chance to win. Now everyone (including me) can begin a design for June! HERE are the instructions and specifications to submit. And some tips from our experience include: make sure you have the days labelled or the weekends labeled in your calendar. Also make sure your calendar is not too small for the smaller resolutions.

My featured image today is of Rachel Hines’ wallpaper design! Check out the winners work and then get to work!

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