Light Week

Week 13 Rant

OK this week is going to be a little light on the photographs. There is too much going on this week to get done before the Thanksgiving break. I am doing a lot of photo shoots to get ready for my final project. So far I am not getting a lot of photos I am happy with or feel like they are worthy enough, so back out shooting I go. My blog usually gets published on Thursday so by the time you read this you should be in a turkey comma. First off I have a great wife and want to thank her for all her support in my hectic schedule, (Love ME hunny). Oh and thanks to all my friends and people that I torment with my constant camera in their face. My first photo here is my photo buddy Meg, also a big thanks to Emma and her friends for my photo shoot downtown.

Marywood Class Update

Color Photography:
We had our critique for our Color in the Ordinary project. It wasn’t my best work so I’m not showing any of them here. I’ll be working on the next project and my final. Next project is Visual Transformation. The concept is to take a picture of something ordinary and transform it, but not in Photoshop. Sometimes I think Niko is trying to make me go crazy with all his deep projects. Here is a sneak peek at what I am working on so far.


Advertising Photography:
We just had our critique on our Food project. I think we had to stop our critique a little early due to everyone getting hungry looking at the photos. Here is my last shot I did that I didn’t show you last week.

advanced negative and color reversal

Once again I want to say have a great Thanksgiving.

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