Live Colorfully

e fashion world has recently been hit with some bad news. The iconic Kate Spade, (Kate Valentine), was pronounced dead June 5th. She has left an amazing mark in the fashion designer world. From her cute handbags to her inspirational witty words, she inspired the world around her. One of my favorite quotes by her is,

“Playing dress up begins at age 5, and never truly ends”

This quote itself just shows her happiness and fun personality. I love her design style and I can truly say it inspires a lot of my work. She was an amazing and inspiring woman. Her name will be one that is never forgotten.

Use this hard time to remember to, Live Colorfully and remember to always find happiness in life. Just as Kate Spade would want.

Her and her husband collaborated to start this business, and it truly sky rocketed with all the fun stripes, colors and patterns that were so unique, but you were able to tell who the designer was.

If you haven’t heard of Kate Spade or Jack Spade, I recommend you check them out!


Featured image: Wendy Maeda/The Boston Globe/Getty Images


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