Live The Life You Have Imagined

Live the life you have imagined, easy right? You may have heard people say “it’s my life, I’ll live how I want to” but in reality most people don’t. I came across this quote by Henry David Thoreau and I felt very connected to it.

So, I decided to hand letter it. It’s such an easy concept to grasp but why is it that people end up pursuing things in life that aren’t meant for them. For so long I wasn’t sure if art was meant for me. Like most high school students I was faced with an uncertain future, I wasn’t sure if art was what I wanted to pursue as a major. I was afraid that art wasn’t really for me and it would be impossible to make a living at it.  I decided to choose graphic design as my major, and it turned out to be the best decision I’ve made in my adult life so far. Through uncertainty there is growth and I truly believe anyone who is willing to work for their dreams can achieve it.

So far, art has been very good to me and I have met some wonderful people along the way that molded me into the artist that I’m becoming. I try to use my talents as an artist to help other people pursue what they believe is their true purpose in the world and, maybe, in the end, we can all leave this planet better than the way we came into it.



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