Montage Mock Ad

In my advertising photo class we were recently told to head up to Montage Mountain, a local ski resort, to do some scouting for a mock ad campaign. My first day up there was a little disappointing honestly, I was busy until the sun went down and, fearing being too conspicuous, I shot without a tripod. As a result I was shooting something like 3200 (still with exposures around the 1/15 of a second or so) and getting altogether lackluster images; at least for the most part.

The second time was a little bit more fruitful. Two days later, a classmate and a friend of ours went back up during the daylight to try and see what we could get. The day was a classic overcast winter day, therefore the light was pretty ideal for what we were doing. I guess the only downside is the fact that an overcast day on a snow-covered mountain basically means that the only images you’re getting are going to be gray on white. That is, however, useful as a device to draw attention to the attractions and people there. As the day went on a fog eventually rolled in, making the interactions between the lamps and the treetops especially interesting. Inside the lodge the main draw of attention was a bright installation fixed to the ceiling.

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