Living in Gettysburg

I work for one of the top five tourist traps in Gettysburg (behind ghost tours of course) at the Dobbin House. It’s the oldest standing house in Gettysburg turned into a restaurant, so you can see the appeal. Being one of the most antisocial creatures to walk the Earth, it’s surprising for anyone who knows me to picture me actually talking to customers, but I do. What’s so great about working at a tourist trap is that you get to talk to people from all over the world, all there for different reasons. Living in Gettysburg my whole life kinda makes me take it for granted, but talking to the people who visit remind me that this place isn’t in everyone’s backyards. Just yesterday I talked to a family from Europe who came to the United States on their holiday. I learned that for about a month every summer, all the factories in Europe close and everyone is on vacation for a few weeks, which is pretty cool. When my area of study at school came up, they told me art therapy didn’t exist in Europe yet (at least to their knowledge) which was also pretty neat to see the spread of the field. I’ve also talked to a couple who came to Gettysburg because her daughter was training at one of Gettysburg College’s soccer camps. Their daughter was only going to be a freshman in high school and she was already being scouted by D1 colleges; so they must have been pretty proud. Or the retired couple that came to my bar one day who live in New Mexico but had driven up to Pennsylvania just to go to Pittsburgh simply because “they like that city”. They had stopped in on their way home, and told me they had thirty hours to drive until they got home. Needless to say they drank a pot of coffee each!

Gettysburg also provides incredible opportunities for photography. With the landscape so well-preserved, landscape and outdoor photography is beautiful. There are also plenty of places that are perfect for portrait photos.


Photograph I took on the battlefield at sunset

Lastly, it’s a great place to play Pokémon Go (one of my favorite hobbies). Each monument is a Pokéstop, and there are so many other people around playing the game that it builds such a sense of community it’s actually amazing.

And that’s what it’s like living in Gettysburg!

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