Finished Pieces 

This week my mom and I were notified that our first ceramics pieces that we painted about two weeks ago were ready for pick up! I was so happy with how the colors on my flower bowl came out and so was my mom with her shamrock. We can’t wait til all of our other pieces are done.

My mom and I also took some of our friends here to paint and they loved it. My mom painted a tree and her friend painted an angel. One of my friends painted a realistic dinosaur while the other did a cartoon dinosaur. Myself, on the other hand, painted a sunflower plate to go with my bowl. It was surprisingly harder then the bowl. I found this weird since the plate is flat, I thought it would be easier and faster but I was very wrong. Hopefully, in a week or two, we can all see our finished pieces.

I recommend to everyone to see if there are little art centers like this around them where you can walk in and paint! It’s really nice to get out of the house and have family and friends try new things with you. Even as an artist its nice to sit down and paint something that is not really mine until I paint it and make it my own. Looking at a blank canvas for too long drives me crazy so I like that I can pick a design and just worry about the colors I am going to use. It’s very relaxing like art therapy!

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