Go With the Flow

My very good friend and fellow Marywood University Art Department student, Alex Covaleski ’20, visited Niagara Falls this weekend with her family. She shared with me some amazing pictures of the huge waterfalls from the Canadian side. Seeing all these photos got me thinking. This would be a great reference photo for a painting or some kind of project.

If you’ve read some of my posts, you can see that I have a soft spot for nature. It inspires me greatly and is great for it’s movement. Niagara Falls has plenty of movement with its rushing water and wildlife. I only wish I could have sketched the Falls themselves and seen the movement instead of having just a photograph. With the photo however, I can still imagine what the water could have been like rushing past rocks and branches.

This summer, though more than halfway over, is a time to take a break from some things for a while and maybe take a vacation. During your time away, I would highly suggest taking plenty of pictures of both family or friends as well as some of the surrounding area for reference. It can really be anything you want. It’s summer vacation and everything can be as relaxed as you would like it to be.

I hope that I can use her photos sometime soon to sketch or work on another project. The pictures she was able to capture were amazing and were able to inspire me. Sometimes you hit a dry spell and you might need some water to help your creative juices flow again.

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