Local Art

On Main Street in Northport, NY, there are plenty of cute shops and cafes with a harbor at the end of the road. It attracts many people and there are usually many events held at the park. This Sunday happened to be the art and music festival where plenty of vendors set up tents to display and sell their work. Clothes, jewelry, trinkets, stickers and art portfolios were everywhere with soothing music from a live band in the background. As I walked around the horseshoe of tents, I saw plenty of local business people and artists. Each table was unique and interesting and I could enjoy the beautiful day outside.

Though I didn’t stay too long at each one of the stalls, I did stop at two particularly interesting tables. Both had portfolios with them that I could flip through. One contained medium sized paintings which had a deconstructed human, a few houses, and abstract work to name a few. Another one which I found very interesting was a portfolio of posters which were made using characters such as Mario, Finn and Jake from Adventure time, and Captain America. The nice people at the stall gave me their card with their website on it so I could see more of their work. They seemed to have a great passion for what they were doing and their work was really cool.

I would definitely recommend going to an art or cultural fair in your town or in a neighboring town. It was a great way to experience the local market and see a lot of interesting things. With back to school being so soon, there are only a few opportunities to go to a summer festival, but I suggest to find a festival near you where you can walk around and enjoy the day outside.

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