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This week I went to New York city with my friends and we went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. This was my second time and I enjoyed it a lot more then my first. When I first went was with the art history class but I wasn’t able to fully enjoy it due to looking for the sculptures we studied in class. This time I found so many things that I did not see last time. If I could i would write about every piece that I loved it would way too long, so I’ll just mention a couple.

Starting off with this sculpture, Ugolino and His Sons, made by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux from 1865-1867, I love the facial expressions in Ugolino’s face; it’s nothing I have seen before and I found it also very disturbing. The story of Ugolino and his sons made be love the sculpture even more because of how well the artist captured the emotions and the mental struggle that they had to go through locked up in that tower.

Moving on to modern art, I found a piece from one of my favorite artist. This is a Georgia O’Keeffe painting called Cow’s Skull: Red, White, and Blue. I first learned about O’Keeffe’s paintings when I was in 8th grade and fell in love with them. I find them very calming to look at due to how smooth the brush strokes are and how the colors blend so easily.

Georgia O'keeffe copy

Here is a recreation of an O’Keeffe painting that I made in the 8th grade. I found this painting in an old Georgia O’Keeffe book that my art teacher had since she also loved O’Keeffe’s artwork. Unfortunately, I did not put the name of the painting on the canvas so I can not find her original painting. Also, this is not one of her more known famous pieces which makes it even harder to find. Overall, my visit to The Metropolitan Museum of Art was very interesting and made my week.

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