Long Exposure Photography

Hello Everyone! I wanted to share and give you tips on how to capture waterfalls by using a long exposure! All you truly need is your camera that has Manuel Mode and a tripod. If you don’t have a tripod or didn’t have one on you during your exploring try to find a spot to place your camera so it doesn’t shake.

Once you discovered your waterfall and have a lens you wanted, you are ready to compose your shot. I used my 18-55mm lens to capture my waterfall images. I had to use rocks and flat grounds as my tripod because I didn’t bring mine with me. I was very lucky there were a lot of flat rocks and different points so I was able to capture the waterfall at different perspective.

Waterfall One: For this image my settings were at ISO 100, F stop 2.9, and shutter speed at 1. I find this image very cool because of the squiggly lines! Those squiggly lines are the ripples from the waterfall. This wide angle view of this waterfall shows a lot from the rocks, more of the water and the soft waterfall. This smoothing effect is what happens to the waterfall when doing long exposure. Instead of it being harsh and chaotic, the water appears smooth and calming. It makes the image beautiful and interesting for viewers to look at.

Water Fall two
Waterfall Two: This image the ISO 100, F stop 2.5, shutter speed 1. This image focuses a little more on the waterfall, but at a lower perspectives adding the rocks in the foreground was made possible by using the rocks as my makeshift tripod. This image depicts the waterfall as really soft and you can see where the water is dropping at at points from the sides. At the end of the waterfall it almost looks like fireworks.

Waterfall Three: The setting for this image is the same at Waterfall two. For this last image I just got close and zoomed more on the waterfall. This image you can really see what long exposures do to waterfalls like this! What truly makes my image like this is the shutter speed. So I had to keep still for 1 second to achieve this image.

I hope this was helpful to all of you! Just remember to use Manual mode on your camera for this to work and your shutter speed! I hope this inspires you to go out and find waterfall near you to finally try to get a image like this!

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