The Art of Lili Hayes

Image of Hayes wearing a white shirt with red and green stripes, and a red jacket as well as sunglasses and a blue baseball cap.
Lili Hayes, Artist, 74 years young

One great thing about living in the age of social media is that there is so much more diversity amongst those who we consider celebrities. One example of someone who is an outside of the norm celebrity thanks to social media is Lili Hayes. Lili Hayes was born in Yugoslavia and moved to Israel at a young age. She then traveled to the U.S. as an adult and began running a clothing store in Los Angeles to support herself and her family. At 74 years old, Hayes is known for her hilarious videos that are recorded and posted to her TikTok account by her son. Many likely know her for her viral mispronunciation of “pumpkin pie” or her enthusiastic rendition of Sade’s “Smooth Operator”.

One interesting aspect of Lili’s life is that she is an avid artist. Only beginning to make art in 2021, Lili is still a developing artist, but this gives her pieces a stylistic flair that cannot be achieved by artists who are more refined. Many of her works depict public figures and aspects of pop culture, which fits right into her status as a social media influencer. Because of her newfound passion for art-making, Hayes was able to create enough artwork in just over a year to have an art show in Los Angeles this past May.

Abstracted portrait of the rapper MF Doom with blue mask on, and purple background.
Image done by Hayes of Kanye West's album cover for "The College Droupout" Depicts a bear wearing a red shirt and blue pants sitting on a bench inside of a golden frame with a purple background
Image done by Hayes of characters from the popular Anime Sailor Moon in various poses.

Whether shes creating a portrait of the rapper MF Doom or a picture of characters from “Sailor Moon”, Hayes makes unapologetic statements with her art through her bold style. In many ways, this distinct style of Hayes’ is a further expression of her vibrant personality that has helped her to amass more than 5 million followers on TikTok. She has made it clear that she is not letting anything get in her way, and inspires her fans to try new things regardless of their age or abilities through her artwork and creative process.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading about Lili Hayes! Check back soon to see more posts from me and my fellow bloggers. 🙂

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