Looking back on the America Project

Hi everyone! Today is yet another showcase of my revised portfolio. For more info on that see my last post on revisiting the Little Shop of Horrors title project.

This is yet another project from my Typography class which was a simple holiday card design. For this one, I chose the Forth of July as a different way to explore typography and illustration besides a more generic Christmas or Halloween theme.

The card design in 2019

So again, I felt maybe the craftsmanship and theme was somewhat lost. Some people were confused at first as to what holiday this was suppose to be, Also using illustrator may have negated any of my illustrative experience.

The card design as of 2020

I didn’t want to change this one as much as I had with the former project. I still feel like the concept was there and achievable and it just needed more attention. Using a reference was priority number 1 which i supplemented with a Mucha illustration. I took the lady that is suppose to represent America (Columbia) and make her look more like the Statue of Liberty to really hammer it home.

The globe idea was interesting but may have confused the audience as to what country i’m representing so I picked a typical American landscape instead and the frame being this window into it similar to what Mucha had achieved in his work. Then I had to focus on the patterns details and font which I want to create a certain sense of unity with but also have varying line weights and values like Mucha had used. One thing I must give myself credit for in the first illustration was my creativity. I didn’t know how to make paper look aged in Illustrator or Photoshop at the time so I scanned a paper I painted with coffee. But I feel this has a much more earthy tone that feels more aged and fitting given I’m trying to create an early 20th century look to it.

Overall I feel pretty accomplished with this one aswell. I may go back and unify the text and patterns but in general I think this will impress the professors at the portfolio review.

Hope you all enjoyed!

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