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I started researching this artist due to me researching another artist who had mental illnesses. I was doing this for my internship for a program/project I was coming up with. The program I was thinking about doing was teaching all ages about mental health by comparing it to an artist who suffered from it. Since suicide rates are going up every year I think it would be important to show all ages that mental health should be talked about in a “fun way” by teaching them that they could always go to art to tell how they are feeling.

Louis Wain was one artist that came up in my searching while researching artist who suffered from mental illness. His career boosted when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. He would paint pictures of their cat to brighten up her day. Word got out about these cats and he was commissioned many times. Unfortunately, soon after this, his wife died and he couldn’t enjoy his accomplishments.

He suffered from anxiety and depression after his loss. As the years went on his mental health got worse and he had checked himself into a mental hospital in 1924. He still continued to draw cats but now they had a more abstract style inspired by psychedelia. We could only imagine what kind of mental state he was in.

louis wain cats

His drawing really intrigue me. I love cats and seeing them portrayed in this way is fascinating. I hope you guys like him too!


All photos taken from: http://illustrationchronicles.com/Cute-Cats-and-Psychedelia-The-Tragic-Life-of-Louis-Wain

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  1. Hi Amber! Read your blog and thought you might be interested in the Art and Images in Psychiatry section in the Archives of General Psychiatry written by Dr. James Harris. He no longer writes this section but for at least 10 years, he wrote about artists and their conflicts with mental illness. He would select a work of art a month, research and write his perspective coming from a psychiatrist.

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