Monet & Impressionism

Monet was a french artist who became one of the founders of French Impressionism. This movement was extremely radical for it’s time (1860s/70s – 1890s) because it took a sharp turn from nicely refined figures, organized backgrounds, and no visible paint brush strokes that are seen in realism, neoclassicism, romanticism, etc. This art movement aimed to take the “impression” of what an artists sees and imitate it in a painting. It focused on light and capturing a moment; the paintings had visible brush strokes in paintings. Much, if not all, of the paintings made for the impressionist movement included an outdoor setting.

Monet’s Impression, Sunrise is one of the first paintings that began the art movement.


This was the painting that gave the movement its name. He and several other artists involved in this movement were harshly criticized for their art style.

Additionally (sort of related to this topic), I found some interesting paintings by Renoir that represent Monet. I thought they took a unique look at Monet. Based on pictures and photos of Monet, he appears very rugged and intellectual. The paintings that Renoir makes kind of show a different view/side of Monet, maybe a more softer version of him. This may simply be because Renoir has a soft, vibrant, and hazy quality to his work but it’s still interesting to see an artist through another artist’s eyes.

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Monet, Waterlilies, 1915 | 1860 photo of Monet from

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