Playing With Procreate

Lately I’ve been trying to fill my spare time with doodling/painting/arting of some sort to keep in practice and learn new techniques and/or skills. I wanted to experiment with all sorts of materials, black and white, color, but I’m also nervous about wasting paper and canvas because I’m also a hoarder. So I’ve turned to experimenting with digital art. Lucky me I have an iPad with the app Procreate on it. I hadn’t used it much since I got it, just messed around with the sample images that were already there and did some silly doodles.

This past week I used the app a little more and checked out more of its artistic features. It has hundreds of brushes which are all customizable so there’s thousands of options. I’d only explored a few of the options before deciding to to do a couple of sketches. I’ve seen a few ideas on Pinterest, which I love to look at for any new ideas. Some of these images that I have seen have lines over portraiture to highlight it. This gave me the idea of doing line portraits which I’m sure I’ve seen before.

So I found some images of people in know and imported them into Procreate. From there I created a new layer and outline the features of the face and cleared out the background photo. I didn’t quite know what to do from there but I know I wanted to incorporate color and not have the lines take up the whole drawing and distract from the face. So I used a wet brush of some sort to have a wispy likeness of color that made up the background and clothing.

The end result isn’t terrible and I enjoyed the little week long project of playing with the Procreate app.

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