Love is a unique word where the meaning can fluctuate from person to person. It can often be shown through small gestures or through huge displays. Love can cause pain, heal wounds, and inspire others. Alexander Milov is a sculptor who created a sculpture called “Love” in 2015. “Love” was a large scale project that shows two figures sitting away from each other juxtaposed by the two children reaching out to each other on the inside. The larger figures appear to be the adult form of the children and is made out of a metal frame that resembles a cage. The children are luminescent, glowing when night falls in contrast with the dark cages of their adults selves. The sculpture is impressive and commands attention when standing in its presence. This sculpture doesn’t have a set location, but is normally displayed outside due to its size, standing at about 10 meters tall. It has even made appearances at events like The Burning Man.

“Love” is a strong art installation of inner human expression. The two large figures show turmoil by turning away from each other, yet the children inside show their desire to be together. People often have issues with displaying their true emotions, whether it be from embarrassment, pride, shame, etc. Communication is difficult and shutting ourselves in is far easier than talking about our feelings. Despite this, our inner selves want to mediate and understand each other. Within ourselves lies how we truly feel and those feelings should be expressed freely. We cage our emotions, but through patience and understanding, we can achieve a better understanding of each other and be true to ourselves.

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“Love” by Alexander Milov, is a remarkable installation with different interpretations, but each is easy to understand. The large scale of the sculpture aids in spreading its message, drawing massive attention wherever it goes. Even the materials used tells its story so clearly, that our inner feelings are trapped in the cage of our full selves. Excellent work from the artist to convey such a complex idea with such simple execution. Not a single aspect of this sculpture is wasted. (

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