Playing With Glazes

Hello! It seems like the semester is wrapping up too quickly. I have a lot still left to do but I am happy with the work I am completing. Another busy week has me short on words but I took a few photos of some of my ceramics. They are simple but I’ve been having fun and getting more comfortable with my glazing.

Tumnus Moran Ceramics Play

I’ve been challenging myself to be sillier and less rigid with my thrown shapes and when I apply glaze. I like simple, subtle things so I’ve been trying to find beauty in just enjoying to process and considering the results. I have been experimenting with how I apply the glaze and am finding that the more I enjoy actually making the art, the happier I am with the results. Even though I am experimenting, it feels less like guess-work too. I know better now what the glazes should look like and can plan for different textured pieces like these. They are charming little vases (if not a little underwhelming) but I am learning a lot from them.

This flower-reef looking fella was another exercise in experimenting with simple themes and processes. Although it is a more rudimentary skill, I really enjoy pinch pots. I sat down with a small ball of clay and made as many as I could from just that ball. I got five or six, took a deep breath, and ripped and smashed the pieces together. When it came time to glaze, I used the drips I had left from my other glazing projects that day to pour a design over the shape. I wasn’t sure how this would look when it came out but I was surprised that I ended up liking it. (I’m not sure what to do with it but I’m happy it’s pretty at least.)

What’s Playing – I’ve been having long days and feel like I’ve been “running out” of music. Sometimes ya can’t listen to the same ten songs on repeat. This was my change of pace – Be My Baby, The Ronettes

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