Loving Vincent

Hello everyone! I just recently watched the beautiful movie “Loving Vincent”, which is actually the first full length film completely done in oil paintings!

The movie was amazing, such a beautiful tribute to one of the most well-know artists. The movie takes place after Vincent’s death, and shows the impact he had on the people around him. He was often seen as a nuisance and was taken for granted by his family and most of the people around him. He had lots of mental health issues, which sadly was probably the reason he was alone for most of his life. It was sad to think that one of my favorite artists never knew how much he is appreciated and loved by people today and for generations to come.

Vincent Van Goh has been an important part of my life and has helped me take risks with my artwork. I’ve been in love with his work since I was younger, and the first painting of his I saw in person (also my favorite) was “Starry Night”. I was on a field trip with my high school class to MOMA and I got separated from the group and found the painting accidentally. It was like the painting was calling me to it. After that, I made the decision that I was going to study art in College.

Starry Night“The Starry Night”

Van Goh and his work are very important to me, and I recommend watching “Loving Vincent” if you feel the same! Another great example of his story and life could be found on Doctor Who season 5 episode 10. I’m not an avid Doctor Who fan, but that episode still makes me tear up when I watch it!

Your can view an official digital version of the Starry Night picture on the MOMA website! https://www.moma.org/collection/works/79802

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