M1917 Browning

I decided to draw another WWII piece.

For this one, I used a photo taken of a Marine on Iwo Jima firing a Browning M1917. This famous weapon was used in the tail end of the first World War and began to die out after Vietnam.


U.S. Marine Firing a M1917 Browning Machine Gun on Iwo Jima

I really like this photo because it shows the aggression in the body language of the Marine. I drew the Marine not perfectly, but I attempted to capture his tenseness behind the machine gun. Similarly to my last post of the Waist Gunner, I put the focus on the Marine and the Browning. The most detail is on the gun, following the intricate nature of the design and the unique shadowing.


I will attempt a black and white marker version as well, drawing the attention more towards the center of the page and attempting to distinguish the landscape better. Before I work on this drawing further, I will have to finish other works that I planned on doing.

Image: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M1917_Browning_machine_gun

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