Making Bracelets!

For this week’s post, I like to dedicate it to my sister Tori. A few months ago, she gained an interest in bracelet making. She started with the yarn/embroidery floss friendship bracelets, which eventually lead her to string and beads. She holds an interest with the string and beads because making those bracelets are faster as she says! I am very happy to see her dabbling with her creative side! I am also highly thankful she decided to share her hobby with me! Over the past two weeks Tori and I spent some time creating all sorts of bracelets together. We made some for each other because we both have two very different styles when it comes to our color choices and bead pairings. We also made some for a few of our close friends, family members, and co-workers!

After I completed my first few bracelets, I noticed how they correlate to my color choices when I paint. I noticed my beachy vibe as well! I love the blue, wooden, and shell beads the most. However, each time I try to think of different possible color combinations that I feel would look lovely together!


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