Pottery Idol

Hi guys! So this past week I made a very big decision and I am so excited to tell you guys about it. Ever since I started making pottery I’ve followed a specific Instagram account. This account posts countless throwing videos, and it makes pottery look incredibly easy. This instagram account is tortus. I can almost assure you, anyone who follows the ceramic scene on social media knows this account, and the potter himself, Eric Landon.

Well, surely enough he popped up on my feed the other day with a post saying he is holding workshops in Brooklyn, NY this coming October. With a small amount of hesitation (planning on getting in and out of the city by myself) and a lot of excitement, I decided to give myself an early graduation gift! I am so pleased to say I will be taking a 2 day workshop with Eric Landon, this October! I feel like this is a huge step for myself as an artist, and it’s an experience I can’t possibly pass up. It took some justifying for myself, and my dad (haha) to spend the money, but I’m only young once, and opportunities like this don’t always present themselves! I think going into the city and doing a 2 day workshop by myself, and meeting other artists will help me grow immensely as a person and as an artist. I already have a calendar counting down the days! I know I’ll learn so much, and hopefully improve my throwing skills! I can not wait.

Eric Landon as a potter and owner of the Tortus Studio in Copenhagen. tortus-copenhagen.com

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