Mastery in Print

The Master of Arts Graduate Exhibition, “Print,” is up on display in the Mahady Gallery until Dec. 18. This show features four art students who have carried their studies into the graduate level and have some great work to show for it. It’s also neat to see each work is a printed medium when so much art today is going digital.

Amani Ashour is a printmaking student whose prints express an interest in calligraphy and Islamic arts. She uses a lot of Arabic calligraphy in her work to express pride in her culture. According to her artist statement, she likes serigraphy (screen printing) and says that the work she has done is an extension and improvement of her undergraduate education.

Natalie Seeuwen is an art education student, but the work she has in the show is all photography. Her thesis project involved studying horses and she used Imogen Cunningham as inspiration to study the horses’ silhouettes and capture unique compositions. She shows us unique views of the horse and draws us into their shapes and majestic bodies.

Sea Macleish is a printmaking student whose work I have featured as the banner image. She explored “libre libertas” which means in books there is freedom. She uses different printmaking techniques in her work and has applied them to different books of different shapes and sizes.

Nadine Kloss-Gannon leads a double life as a photography student and a flight attendant for United Airlines. She has used this job to her advantage and takes photos of different places during her layovers. She says that she is a quiet observer and she uses her skills to transport the viewer to new places.

The unique stories of each grad student is what made this show so interesting for me. After your undergrad years, life can take you in many directions and each student used their experiences as a foundation for their work. Make sure you stop by and check out the last gallery show of the semester!

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