me and my paint

It has occurred to me that I have now posted two blogs, but I haven’t really introduced any of the work I’m currently creating.

This is probably because I’m not exactly sure of my direction. Of course, I’m hard at work in the studio, and I have a vision for my work, but direction (as a concept) is a complicated thing. My current goal is to learn from past masters and apply them in my own way. This is a bit harder than it sounds, and it can mean something different to every artist.

Another artist I’m studying is Willem Dekooning. After years of studying his work, I am still discovering why he intrigues and inspires me. His work interest me because at first glance you feel like a child could do it you might even find an ugly, But through further examination You see an elegance about his art. It mesmerizes and you can’t figure out why.

I dove right in and built myself two canvases the size of one of his masterwork’s Excavation. These canvases are 81”x100”. I’ve challenged myself on an extreme level. This is such a extreme level because now your canvas is way bigger than before. All of your tools marks will be a lot smaller and judging your composition is a lot more difficult.

I am currently studying the art of Tad Wiley, whose work you can find in the Maslow gallery at Marywood University . I am fascinated by the 3D aspect he utilizes in a few of his pieces. I like how he brings an interactive side to something so seemingly simple. For example, in his wooden relief pieces, Wiley took a wooden surface, cut it and angled a few sections, giving the impression of reaching out towards the viewer, grasping their attention and temping them to touch it. Wiley’s use of color balance is also a very deliberate choice. This goes hand in hand with the seeming simplicity. At first glance, the viewer may just see blocks of color. However, Wiley’s color scheme is very deceptive in that it works with the 3D aesthetic to pull the art lover in and invite them to examine further and come to their own conclusion.

Wiley and Dekooning are two very different artists, but that’s ok. I will absorb all I can and apply it to my work in my own way. After all, this is how artists grow and develop.No block selected.