Memo Boards

I’m back with more macrame!!! I have so much fun making macrame items. I’m truly addicted. This time we came up with a cool idea to make it an interactive wall hanging piece.

I remember back in middle school I always had cute little memo boards. I’d hang the most random fun stuff on them. I decided to use a pattern that you could do that with your macrame.

Here it is:


They are so fun and easy to make. I love to hang things like greeting cards, photographs and little mementos on them. Here is an example of what I did with mine.

I had a lot of fun hanging air plants on them as well. All together I enjoy making and seeing these hanging around.

If you’re interested in one at all, message me and let me know. They are super cute for dorm rooms and apartments.

One thought on “Memo Boards

  1. I’m pretty impressed by how neat you made this. I also make macramé but I use a thicker chord. I will have to try what you used to see how it works out. Do you sell or do other designs?

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