The Motion of Coffee

Working everyday in the city this summer, I have grown extremely familiar with coffee. All of the different cafes and the variety of coffees to choose from, everything about coffee has filled my summer mornings. But one interesting aspect of coffee is the way it looks after one pours their cream in BUT before they mix it all together. The colors on the coffee mixed with the lightness of the cream, you can see such a strong motion between the two liquids.

2018-08-08 09_24_42.528

As seen in the picture above, you can see not only the motion of the cream and coffee, but also the contrast of them! Coming from me, who is not totally a morning person, some mornings can be tougher than other. This little moment of motion can make you realize how something cool and fun can be easily overlooked, especially in the morning when the only thought is being back in bed. There have been many mornings where I wish this moment lasted longer. Just to see the way the cream blends with the dark roasted coffee. Now I know my coffee days are definitely not over after this summer because of going back to school so I am looking forward to seeing this fun movement before classes this upcoming semester!

2018-08-08 09_24_09.237

Featured Image: [Edited picture of the one above]

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