Merry Christmas

Hi everyone! Tomorrow is Christmas (yay)! In honor of Christmas, I wanted to focus on an artwork that is related to Christmas because of the Nativity. The painting is called Adoration of the Shepherds by Lorenzo Lotto created in 1534.


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This is a painting of Christ after he was born in the stable. Mary is on the left in a blue and white cloak; she is wearing a pink dress. Behind her is a donkey and, most likely, Joseph, who is in the shadow. In front of Mary is Christ in the manger, who is laying on part of Mary’s cloak. The little baby is playing with the lamb who two men have brought for Christ. It is unclear who these two men are that are, but it is likely they are portraits of family members who commissioned this artwork. Additionally, the angels in the back most likely signify that this is an important birth for God. Also, Lotto uniquely uses light to emphasize the importance of the three figures: Mary, Christ, and the lamb.

I thought it was smart to have Christ reach out for the lamb, because it adds a human-like quality to the painting. It is also a good reference to the sacrificial lamb, which alludes to the death of Christ.

Enjoy your holiday break everyone!

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