Painting Shoes: Part 2

Hi everyone, I explained the whole process about painting shoes in my previous post. So far I’ve been working on ideas of what I could paint. I decided that I am going to paint sea animals on the shoes, whales, manta rays, and maybe some jellyfish.

Before I can start painting the design, I need to draw it. The shoes that I got were a dark gray, I needed to paint a layer of gesso to prime shoes so I could draw my design.

Before I painted the shoes, I took out the shoe laces and taped over the areas where I don’t want paint. For me I chose to tape over the bottom and tongue of the shoe. Once I covered the shoes in a base layer of gesso, I was ready to draw my design. All of my reference pictures for the painting I got from Flickr, under the no copyright search.

Next week I hope to show everyone the completed painting.

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