Metal Elf Cuff

This semester I really wanted to work on my soldering. I went small scale because I found that it’s easier for me to work with the torch. I made an elf cuff once out of wire and beads that I really loved. So this time I wanted to make one that was a little more complex by soldering the design onto the cuff.

The first thing to making the cuff was the base that would be holding onto the ear. There is a basic shape for every elf cuff but the design is what makes it different. I then put brass and nickel wire through the roller mill so that they would be flat for the design. I drew the design out first and then manipulated the wire to match up with the size of the drawing so that I knew it would fit together. It took time but piece by piece I soldered them together. I really like the color the metal after I soldered it so I left it as is. I can’t wait to do more soldering projects this semester!

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