Hey friends! So if you’ve been following me, you know I have an Etsy account. Well this weekend someone messaged me through the account asking if I could make them a custom yarn bowl, so of course I said yes!

I’ve seen so many pictures of ceramic yarn bowls, but I’ve never attempted one myself. When I first started doing pottery my step aunt told me that I should make some, but I never got around to it. Anyway, so Saturday night I went to the studio, wedged up about three pounds of clay, and threw a bowl! Prior to this, I should’ve researched the yarn bowls more, that way I knew how tall and wide they should be. But, I just eyeballed it! So far it looks good to me. I just threw a regular bowl, and made it a little wider than usual.

This morning I went over to the studio and trimmed the bowl. Usually I pride myself in making a bowl as light as possible, and some of that is done in the trimming process. But, yarn bowls need to have some weight to them, that way when the knitter is pulling the yarn, the bowl doesn’t tip over.  When I threw the bowl, I threw it fairly light, but the bottoms always have extra clay that you can trim the foot out of.

Next up, carving! I looked at some designs on Pinterest, and decided to do a swirl. So now I’m waiting for this baby to be bisqued. The client also requested that I do my signature bubble glaze! I’m so excited.

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