Metropolitan Getaway

As artists it’s important to be able to get away from our usual routine of studio work and go out to find inspiration from other surroundings and other artists. Living in scranton, so close to New York City, it makes perfect sense to venture to this hub of culture and art. There is an astounding amount to do and see in the city, especially in the way of art. You can find anything from ancient art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the most cutting edge creations at the Whitney. The possibilities are endless and inspiration is everywhere.

Having only a short 8 hours in the city I had to be very selective on what exactly I wanted to see. I thought long and hard the night before and thought that for the direction that I am moving in with my work, the best place for me to spend the way was in Chelsea. This section of the city is bursting at the seams with galleries. Everywhere you look, every corner you turn, there are open galleries on every block; sometimes even 5 or more!

The inspiration that I had been searching for had a lot to do with the exploration of color and of form. Coincidentally, both of these things were found at a group show found at The Curator Gallery which included Marywood’s very own, Steven Alexander. The show was a brilliant combination of both things that I was in search of. The works of each artist had a brilliant dialogue between them. Geometric forms and a multitude of colors played off of each other and showing off how each artist handled similar situations so differently.

In my humble opinion, Chelsea is by far one of the most beautiful places in Manhattan and with such beautiful spring weather, there really is no better time to go. There is constantly new art to see by artists both big and small from all over the globe. I encourage everyone to visit this oasis at least one time, treat yourself to some excitement at the Chelsea market, and take a scenic walk on the High Line!

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