MFA book cover illustration

One of the projects I was assigned for my second week in the masters program was to create a book cover for an autobiography. This assignment was a bit difficult because I needed to narrow down everything about me and who I am into a single image. This assignment was a quick one too since we had two hours to complete it. After a quick brainstorm the theme I decided to use was space.

Since the book cover was going to be about me I wanted to include my face in the cover. I had the theme figured out so I added stars around for a celestial feel. I wanted to get personal with this project and give as much information in one image as possible. I wanted to have an explosion included in the image to depict an overflow of ideas. I combined my face with a rainbow explosion that in each color of the rainbow had elements that reflect my life and who I am. The book cover was digitally made in Photoshop. I named the book Supernova as it means to burst and expand with light and energy which I want my career and life to be like that.

Thank you all for reading my blog and I’ll see yall next week!

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