Getting Crafty For College

Hello everyone! It has been a crazy month of August, trying to spend my last summer days while getting ready for on campus fall semester! I thought for today’s post be a little different. I thought I could share that Photographers can also be creative a different way by being crafty! This weekend I went out and bought the last miscellaneous items I need for my dorm, and I stumbled upon items that I could use decorations. They needed some work, so with some paint, and a Cricut Joy, they became the perfect decorations!

This tray I’m going to use to place my perfumes and other small items. I mixed a bunch of white and black to make a dark grey and a light grey. I felt like it needed something else to truly finish it. So I got my Cricut Joy and black vinyl and made and cut out a big C for my name, Caitlin. It’s very simple and matches with the color scheme I am going for my dorm.

This basket is going to be used for holding my hair stuff like Blow dryer and Flat iron. I wasn’t thrilled about the brown color on it, so I tested the same grey i used on the tray, and I loved it! I again, used my Cricut Joy to make the basket a bit more interesting.

For my last crafting project. I got two mason jars and just used my Cricut Joy to decorate it. As you can see Brush it out is holding my hair brushes and the Tie it Up is used to store my hair ties.

Overall, I love how each of them came out! I am a very simple and neutral color kind of person! I hope this finds you inspiration for your next craft ideas. I have bought all these items like the tray and basket from my local Dollar General and I had extra mason Jars.

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