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Hey everyone! This past week I’ve had a lot of dental work done, including a root canal, which means that on top of my schoolwork and packing to come back to campus, I’ve spent a lot of time resting. And by resting I mean finally finishing Criminal Minds and scrolling through a ton of social media. What’s amazing about social media is that even when I’m home waiting for the novocaine to wear off, I can stay connected, especially with the art world. This week, I’d like to share an artist I found on Instagram!

Mishi Embroidery 1

As I was scrolling through my explore feed, I clicked on this post because I’m a sucker for circular paintings – because really, aren’t they so cool? As I looked closer I realized it wasn’t a painting, but embroidery. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything as intricate as this! The way the artist was able to capture the rocky shadows of the cliffs, the movement of the waves, and the shine of the wet sand using only thread amazed me. Even the clouds are done in just the right way, moving whimsically instead of being stiff shapes. I think that the shadows under the waves that are crashing on the sand are particularly amazing – it feels like you can see right under the waves. The attention to detail here is incredible! Of course, I had to look at the artist’s page and give them a follow. The artist is a woman named Miriam Shimamura. She does landscapes, portraits, and abstract pieces that are all hand embroidered. 

Here’s a close-up of the piece above:

As it turns out, needle painting or thread painting is pretty popular. Of course, I’ve seen embroidery before, but I never thought you could make something so detailed with such small materials. I have always associated embroidery with simple designs and logos, but Shimamura is able to use this technique to create the most amazing landscapes and even more incredible portraits.

Check out some more of her pieces:

I’m so happy I found Shimamura’s instagram! She exposed me to new art style, which I’m really tempted to try. You should definitely check her out! Her instagram handle is @mishi_embroidery. She sells her work through her instagram and does commissions. I might order one from her – I think one of her pieces would be perfect for my dorm room!

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