Learning About Women In Art

Hi everyone! This semester I am so excited to be taking Women in Art with Dr. Irwin. This class will focus on women artists, their place in history, their experiences, and help answer some questions we have about women artists. One of the first things we were asked about was to name some women artists we know or would like to know more about and honestly we couldn’t name more than a few. However, we could have easily named an endless list of male artists. Why is this? Why don’t we know more about women artists? What are their stories and what happened that we can’t talk about them as much as we do with male artists? These are the kinds of questions we started to think about and that by the end of the course we’ll be able to answer. 

I’m very excited about this course because I realized I really don’t know enough about women artists and who they were or what they faced. I am eager to learn more about their past and understand why we don’t know enough about them now. I think this course will be really important for the future too. I’ll not only be able to understand and recognize women artists more, but I’ll also be thinking about them when I’m in different art history courses. Many times we learn about well known male artists but now with this class, I think it will really give me the opportunity to reflect on and ask about the women artists as well. 

So far we’ve seen that some preconceived beliefs and ideas about women pushed them to the side, left them unrecognized, or associated them only with other male artists. I’m really excited to dive deeper into this topic and explore women artists and their impact on history. 

I’m sure I will update on some amazing and interesting things I learn but as for now have a great week!

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