Mixed Emotions

Starting a brand new school year and semester can definitely bring mixed emotions. I know for myself after this long summer that the thought of going back to Marywood is exciting. Going back means I get to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in months and continue to pursue art. This semester I’m taking mostly art classes including General Illustration II, Painting II, Intro to Graphic Design, and History of American Illustration. I’m really looking forward to taking these classes to really learn about illustration, but also have fun and create more art that will really add to my portfolio.

Even though I’m very excited to be back, I know that starting the new school year can be stressful at times. Getting settled back into school in a new dorm/apartment, finding a routine that works with your schedule and managing the workload can be a little stressful for anyone during this time. But no matter what, the best thing to do is to just push through, work hard, and have a great attitude because once the semester gets going it gets better. You know what they say, hard work does pay off and it will be worth it.

Hopefully, within the next week or so I will be able to share the new projects I’ve started. But in the meantime, I wish everyone good luck with the new semester!

Featured image: http://mannaconejo.org/back-to-school/

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