Last week I had talked about learning from my previous experiences working with clients. I’ve recently been working on a commissioned painting that involves a lot of detailed work. So far the project has come along pretty well. The featured picture above is a preview I’ve made for the client so that they would be able to get and idea of what the finished product would generally look like. It also gave the client a chance to give their input in about the painting and to have some their  personality show in the finished piece.

While the client really liked the preview; they suggested that a few things be slightly different in the finished painting.  Taking this step prevented me from starting a huge painting and then going back over spots to fix it. While the changes are minor it would have taken more time to fix. Depending on the type of project you’re working on, some materials aren’t as easy to work with such as clay if it’s already been fired. So maybe a preview with a sketch of what it might look like or even a smaller model of the finished piece can be shown to the client for approval. As time goes on new challenges will be faced when doing commissions and I hope to be able to tackle them.