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Something that I think is really cool about being the “artsy” one in your family or friend group is the moment when someone asks you to do a project for them. It always does something to make me feel humble, and boosts my confidence when I am feeling at a particular low in my creative expression.

A friend of mine, who I have danced and taught with for years, approached me recently to do a t shirt design for her. Of course I said yes and was super excited. I just think it helps me to realize that I can actually do things that other people can’t; and instead of looking at all of the things I can’t do, I should be looking at the things I can, like provide something meaningful to a great friend. After all, art is about bringing a vision to life, or expressing an internal feeling or emotion. If I can provide that for someone else, then it makes it all worth it. I want to be a teacher, we know this, so this is the perfect opportunity to practice my teachings and to take my own advice; that you CAN do what sometimes you think you can’t, and not all of our projects have to be a success, or hung in a museum. Sometimes it is the project that puts a smile on someone’s face that makes it all make sense.

Although this post was short and sweet, I felt it necessary as a reflection on my own life and processes. We tend to see and focus on all of the successes of others that we seem to think they never had a down fall, or a moment of doubt. I heard once, though, that you should never compare your lowest point to someone else’s highest. And as the “artsy” one, do everything you can to participate in projects, practice those skills, and make someone else happy in the process.

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