Mixed Media Printing

A mixed media print is when you combine one or more areas of printmaking and use them to make a design combining both types. Currently my printmaking class is doing this with wood and linoleum. The idea is that we will use the texture of the wood with one color of ink for the background of our design. We will have a pattern of whatever we want to be printed on top of that in another color.

We took a look at some artists such as Albrecht Durer, Antonio Frasconi, a various artists’ work currently included in Marywood’s Maslow Study Gallery for sources of inspiration. I looked at work by Sherrie Levine in the gallery, which she created to resemble squares on older computer screens. Her work had very clean lines and solid colors that went well together. I wanted to try and create my own version of this so I decided to use a play on circles instead of squares.

I had drawn my circles on the linoleum block we were given with varying shapes with larger circles in the bottom right corner, getting smaller towards the top left. I did this to show some movement in my piece, instead of it being static. For my wood color choice I was picturing an orange background and a possible black linoleum print to go on top. Overall this project was a great learning experience and it taught us how to cohesively put together two styles of printmaking.

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