Spring Break Goals 

Spring break is finally here and I hope to use my time off productively. I’ve recently been commissioned to do another painting. The canvas is square but it was requested to be painted with the canvas as a diamond. It is a black and white painting of a pet who belongs to a friend of the client. There is a due date so I hope to have this painting done before break is over.

The featured image is the outline for the painting that I had to draw out from a real photo of the dog. I used tracing paper to outline the light and dark areas of the picture. The tracing paper was used to then transfer the outline to the canvas. I like to use a thin sharpie to go over the pencil marks because they tend to get smudged while I’m painting. I’m really excited to finish this painting and see how it turns out. So hopefully I’ll have it done soon so I can write about it!

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