Off the coast of Chile in 1722 European explorers landed on Easter Island and met the Mo’ai. “Mo’ai” is Polynesian for “statue” and the large scale (13 feet!) statue are impossible to miss. Scientists studying the architecture of the Mo’ai discovered that these ancient structures were constructed with volcanic rock. The construction of this stone statues is believed to be around 1250 to 1500 c. but we still do not know which of the Polynesian tribes are responsible for the creation of the Mo’ai. The Easter island is accessible most commonly by plane ride from Chile, but other countries, and boat trips are available at a higher cost. The Mo’ai are a sight to see, and the island commonly has tourist come to view the island of which the Mo’ai reside.

My mother was born in Chile, and she still has a lot of patriotism for her country so whenever she would tell me stories of her time in Chile she would include the Easter Island. I personally have not had the pleasure to visit her native country, but it is definitely on my list of the places I want to visit. Easter island was a place I knew as a child. It was like a fantasy tale told to me by my mother and she told it so well that I yearned to see it. So when I was able to online search images of the statues it was star striking. I will begin by saying that the Mo’ai stood the test of time it is incredible that they are still around today thanks to the help of Chilean historians. The statues are carved so minimally but the visual communication is instantly understood. I believe the Mo’ai are representations of men, or even gods. Their heads are much large than their bodies and that is if they have bodies. Some are adorn with caps or hats on their heads and some continue into the ground as revealed from historians on expeditions to find out more about them. On their back there are even more details, glyphs, and perhaps stories from the past.

I feel a sense of pride when discussing the existence of the Mo’ai. Although they were created by a Polynesian tribe a long time ago the island is considered Chilean territory and the government guards the island as a national park. I encourage anyone who has a love for history and/or art to visit Easter island and take pictures!

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