Picasso’s Ceramics

Hello!  As the world throws us more curveballs, this week I looked at the ceramic work of Pablo Picasso. Too often we only picture Picasso’s work limited to his paintings.  Master artists often stretch their artistic muscles in multiple mediums.  Some of the greatest paintings in history were done by sculptors and, in the case of Picasso, there are some beautiful examples of his ceramics arguably outdoing some of his paintings.

When looking for information about Picasso’s work, I found this video.  What I found most interesting was clips of video of the creation process for some of the pieces.  It was interesting to watch the thrown pieces be repurposed.

Here is a better look at a piece similar to the pieces Picasso is seen making in the video above.  This owl has a different head from the filmed duck-like creation, but it is interesting to note that the owl form is also a collapsed thrown vase of some kind. As well as that same for again, this time decorated to resemble a woman.

More information about these pieces can be found here.

It was hard not to show every photo from this article too! But these were my favorite two pieces. I hesitate to call his work simple but they are wonderfully unencumbered forms that truly come to life with their glazes and paint and, more often it seems, colored slip. They have so much character, they’re hard not to smile at. They are excellent inspiration for how to use silhouette and even a limited palette to create vibrant art.

Pablo Picasso Femme à l'amphore
Femme à l’amphore, Pablo Picasso 1947-48 white earthenware
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Eye and Bulls by Pablo Picasso
Eye and Bulls, Pablo Picasso
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Finally, I’ll leave you with this- an incredibly delightful fish fella. Check him out from all angles here!

Pablo Picasso Fish Subject 1954

“Fish Subject”
Pablo Picasso, 1954
Red Earthenware
8 1/2 in x 5 1/16 in

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What’s Playing – The song Clint Eastwood by the Gorillaz has been stuck in my head since selections of it were used in an example for my Storyboarding class. I’ve always enjoyed the music video but hadn’t given it much thought beyond the music. It was fun considering how intricate the planning would have been for the sequence.

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